Forthcoming Attractions


What’s On at Moray Jazz Club


Reg. Charity No. SC028421

Admission fees are £5 for members and £6 for non-members*

*Unless otherwise indicated for special events


Please Note: November 2022 – Please use cash for admission because we don’t have a card charging facility.  

December 1

Sorry no jazz session tonight.


December 8

Rainer Goldbeck – Guitar

Lewis Benzies – Bass 

Charlie Styles – Sax

Harry McFarlane – Drums


December 15

Sorry, no jazz tonight


December 22

Colin Henderson – Saxes and Flute

James Steele – Saxophone

Roger Niven – Guitar

Jon Hall – Piano

Neil Sharkey – Bass

Nigel McKenzie – Drums


December 29

Sorry no jazz tonight

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