We welcomed back after a year’s absence one of the best jazz trios this side of Hadrian’s Wall. Nadurra are Barry Middleton [Keyboard], Pete Lowit [Double Bass] and  Fraser Peterkin (Drums) . What an evening this turned out to be with a mix of familiar jazz standards and Barry’s originals including ‘Juju’ [Wayne Shorter]; ‘500 miles high’ [Chick Corea]; Black Narcissus‘ [Jo Henderson]; ‘Head First‘ [Barry Middleton]; ‘Very early’ [Bill Evans]; ‘Angel Eyes‘ [Matt Dennis]; ‘Windows’ [Chick Corea]; ‘Mumtaz‘ [Barry Middleton]; ‘Fledged’ [Barry Middleton]; ‘Freedom Jazz Dance‘ [Miles Davis]; ‘Naima’ [John  Coltrane].


It’s difficult to pick any one stand out piece quite simply because every element of the evening’s jazz treat was standout. Surely this Trio deserve to be listened to in jazz clubs not just here in North East Scotland but in the Central Belt and down South. 


All three musicians fused together brilliantly  but were quirky as individuals and this is what made the evening so entertaining. Barry was intimate with his keyboard, music flowed from his head through to his fingers tips and out to us; Pete is one of the best bass players in Scotland and there are many comments on his playing elsewhere on this blog. Fraser likewise, but what is it that gets the audience holding their breadth? He makes his drum kit speak; you never know if the solo has finished  and then he’s away -primeval meets African beat. Epic.

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