Lewis and Dav


Last night we welcomed to Moray Jazz Club Lewis and Dav for their last night of a months long tour of Scotland. These young and up and coming guitarists who hail from Bristol treated us to a diverse range of musical interpretations of pop, funk and rock with a jazzy twist, many of which were introduced as the best song ever written.


They went straight in to ‘Everybody wants to rule the World’- Tears For Fears followed by  ‘One kiss’ -Calvin Harris; ‘To be with you’ -Mr Big; ‘Daphne’ -Django Reinhardt;  ‘3rd funky’ -Dav Lisbon; ‘Thousand miles’   -Vanessa Carlton; ‘Everywhere’ very funky version -Fleetwood Mac;  ‘It always rains down in..’ – Toto ; ‘Mama Mia’  -ABBA ; ‘Call me maybe’  Carly Rae Jepsen ; ‘California girls’ –  Katie Perry ; ‘Your body is a wonderland’  -John Mayer ;  ‘Folk faster song FFS ‘  -Lewis Dickinson; ‘Freefalling’ Tom Petty  and a jazzy twist to the lady of folk, Joni Mitchell.


A night of entertaining acoustic wizardry with fun and funky takes on a number of well known hits from the eighties,nineties and noughties. Lewis’ fingerwork was mezmorizing and lightening quick, at times it was a challenge to keep up. Dav’s deep tone back up was like vintage port complimenting Lewis’ sparkling champagne. How on earth did Lewis play that guitar behind his head? And the fingerboard exchange on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ was a fun intro to this FM classic and made you realise what real joy that band’s music gave to so many of us back in the ‘70’s.
Lewis apologised for not having a gypsy  jazz guitar. He should not apologise. This was great jazzed up live music, great musicianship and great entertainment. Thank you gentlemen, an evening of  inspiring music, keep it up and please come again.




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