An evening of great variety, good jazz, good humour  and  very much in the vein of Thelonius Monk…’don’t play what the public want-you play what you want and let the public pick up on what you doing..’

With thanks to Colin Henderson on Baritone Sax, Alto Sax and Flute; Jon Hall Keyboards, Bill Jannetta Bass and Fabrizio Conti on Drums.   Colin said his lips had been out of practice for five weeks; we would never have known. Jon, as witty as ever, oh, and pretty nifty on the ivories. Bill, laconic and deceptively dextrous on twanging those four bass strings. Fabrizio, in his element, chilled and dreaming of Coco cabaña when Colin went for the bossa novas. Thanks  Fabrizio for giving  up your  time to show a very young fan your drumkit… the next generation.

So, we were treated to, amongst a number of standards, Black Orpheus [Day in the life of a fool]- Luis Bonfa;Night and Day and What is this thing called love – Cole Porter; Satin doll Duke Ellington; I hear a rhapsody-Fragos,Baker and Gasparre; Darn that dream Jimmy Van Heusen; These foolish things Jack Strachey; Moanin’-Bobby Timmons; A little tear [tare?]– Rumir Deodato; Good morning heartache-Higginbotham,Drake and Fisher; finished off by Sonny Rollins’ St Thomas.



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