Remember these two names for the future:  Matthew Kilner and Neil Birse.  These two recent  music graduates from Aberdeen University and Guildhall School of Music respectively were an absolute joy to listen to last night. They entertained, inspired, uplifted, enthused and enriched our Moray Jazz Club with their brilliant portrayal of an array of jazz standards and not so standard. ‘Take the A Train’ was more like take the A-Z train, ‘Stella by Starlight’ was sublime and as good as any take by Miles Davis. ‘Georgia on my mind’ would have had Ray Charles singing his heart out to Hoagy Carmichael ‘s ‘30’s hit.  Wayne King would have been chuffed with their interpretation of ‘Beautiful Love’ and Dizzy Gillespie’s  ‘Birks works’ certainly worked for us.

Gentlemen, thank you for entertaining us with the dexterity and sublimity of sixteen fingers and four thumbs on keyboard and sax, we salute you.

To Matthew, we wish you the very best for your Masters at the Birmingham Conservatoire and to Neil, we await your return!

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