28th July 2022

Matthew Kilner – Tenor Sax

Colin Black – Guitar

Bryan Chalmers – Bass Guitar

Richard Glassby – Drums

It’s always good to see these players and this combination was clearly well rehearsed and studded with original compositions by various band members. The guitar basis worked really well and the interplay between a very funky rhythm section and that soaring tenor was a delight for the ears and other senses. The compositions were excellent and included Richard Glassby’s swinging tribute to the great, much missed Aberdonian drummer, Bill Kemp, Blues for Bill and Colin Black’s evocative take on a West Coast Island Memoir. Matthew also contributed some effective originals and the whole thing made for a very satisfying two sets and hopefully this is going to lead to some recording sessions. The intricate textures and unusual rhythmic and harmonic combinations would reward repeated listening. Put me down for a copy!

Jon Hall

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