Absolute delight to have Trio Nadurra back to MJC again to play some classics plus new work and knowing this band, a great deal of improvisation. With Barry Middleton (Keyboard), Pete Lowit(Double Bass) and Fraser Peterkin(Drums) the evening’s treat was:
‘Windows’ (Chick Corea); ‘Momtaz’ (Barry Middleton); ‘havørn (sea eagle)’ (Barry Middleton); ‘Chelsea Bridge’ (Billy Strayhorn); ‘Dipper’ (Barry Middleton); ‘Black Narcissus’ (Joe Henderson); ‘Fledged’ (Barry Middleton); ‘Fall’ (Wayne Shorter); ‘Niama’ (the wonderful John Coltrane).
Barry,Pete and Fraser took us on a journey that combined jazz standard cords with music that begged the question ‘where on earth did that come from?’. The thing about Barry is that he is a little like Miles Davis’ maxim ‘ I’ll play it and tell you what it is later’  Barry did tell us most titles, and there was a strong avian theme running through the evening (Havorn, Dipper,Fledged),and then what unravelled was a sensitivity, subtlety and sublimity coming from his keyboard. At the same time Fraser gave an almost ethereal and trance-like quality on the drums which at times was reminiscent of  the cymbal tones on Santana’s ‘Singing winds, crying beasts’ (Abraxas album).Both Barry and Fraser were glued and grounded by Pete’s reassuring Double Bass, almost as though he was a calming influence for all the  trials we are facing at the moment. Pete should play for the nation. Perhaps the most uplifting moment of the evening was in ‘Chelsea Bridge’ where Barry encouraged audience participation and improvisation, what great fun. Until we meet again gentlemen, thank you for a super evening of music, a real privilege to listen to class music in north east Scotland.
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