A great evening of music with the return of the Elaine Crichton Trio. We have not seen Elaine since last August when she brought along a young talent on the keyboard by the name of  Neil Birse. What a revelation Neil has been, returning to MJC on no less than six occasions. Elaine and Neil were accompanied on Double Bass by the perennial and  superb  Pete Lowit. All three were a showcase in how a trio can work seamlessly.


Elain took us on a musical journey via the ‘Elaine Crichton Songbook’ with a wonderful and diverse mix of songs including: ‘you’ll going to hear from me’ [André Previn]; ‘You don’t know what love is’[Gene De Paul]; ‘Love me or leave me’(Walter Donaldson]; ‘Blue Champagne’[ Grady Watts]; ‘When the sun comes out’[Luca Manning]; ‘Social call’ [John Hendricks]’; ‘I’m hip’[Blossom Dearle]; ‘Let there be love’[Nat King Cole];  ‘Jump for joy’[Duke Ellington]; ‘Thou swell’[Richard Rogers];  ‘When sunny gets blue’[Marvin Fischer];  ‘Til there was you’[Meredith Wilson];  ‘If I should lose you’[Ralph Rainger]; ‘Pennies from heaven’[ Arthur Johnston];  ‘It’s a pity to say goodnight’[Billy Reid].


Thank you for an evening of  superb music Elaine and best wishes for your move down to Edinburgh. If you can tear yourself away from the jazz scene there, you will be warmly welcomed back to MJC in the future.

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