A warm January welcome to House Band Mk II with Colin Henderson (Baritone and Alto Saxaphone and Flute), Graeme Nairn (Acoustic Guitar x2), Bill Jannetta (Electric Bass), Fabrizio Conti (Drums) and Pamela Nairn (Vocals).
The band played a medley of jazz standards from the 1930’s through to the 1950’s with Pamela providing a vocal back drop to many including  ‘Thats all’ [Alan Brandt] , ‘My blue heaven'[Walter Donaldson],’A ‘Nightingale sings in Berkeley Square’ [Manning Skerwin] [Guitar solo] , ‘Let this fool rush in’ [Rube Bloom], ‘My heart belongs to daddy'[Cole Porter], ‘Robin’s nest’ [Illinois Jacquet], ‘Give me the simple life’ [Rube Bloom]’Its alright with me'[Cole Porter], ‘Fly me to the moon'[Bart Howard], ‘We’ll be together again'[Carl Fischer].


The comic and witty interaction of these musicians is something to behold and very much adds to the visual and sound effects of the programme, and of course the musical performance from all five was superb. Thanks for an enjoyable and fun evening .

Come and listen on a Thursday evening to joyous jazz  from January to June and beyond.


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