What a fantastic evening to round off 2019 with Matthew Kilner    [Tenor Sax], Neil Birse [Keyboard], Pete Lowit [Double Bass] and Richard Glassby [ Percussion].

It was a real delight to have Matthew, Neil and Richard return to MJC and of course to welcome back the ubiquitous Pete Lowit [Honorary Citizen of Elgin]. The band took us through some great favourites including:

‘If I should lose you’ [Ralph Ranger]; ‘Someday my prince will come’ [Frank Churchill]; ‘Beatrice’ [Sam Rivers]; ‘Bittersweet’ [Sam Rivers]; ‘Out of nowhere’ [Johnny Green]; ‘Black Nile’ [Wayne Shorter]; ‘Just friends’ [John Klenner]; ‘Boogie stop shuffle’ [Charlie Mingus]; ‘Infant Eyes’ [Wayne Shorter]; ‘Bye bye blackbird’ [Ray Henderson] and  ‘Solar’ [Miles Davis].


Matthew was mesmerizing with his solo breaks, squeezing every last bit of energy from his sax. Neil’s keyboard playing cast a web and drew in the other instruments with musical tentacles. Pete seemed to be energised by what was going on around him and the rich tones from the double bass spoke volumes on Charlie Mingus’ ‘boogie’. Last, but by no means least, Richard’s  inventive and energised playing was inspirational to some of the younger members of the appreciative audience. This was percussion as they had never heard it before. We wait impatiently for your return gentlemen.  



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