The Boys from Aboyne [Steve Garrett & Pete Lowit]


We welcomed back a superb double act that is Steve Garrett [ Acoustic guitar] and Pete Lowit [Double bass]. The boys from Aboyne treated us to a medley of jazz standards, reinterpretations of classical numbers and original composimtions that included:

‘For Django’ [Joe Pass]; ‘Our Spanish Love Song‘ [Charlie Haden];  ‘Jade Visions‘ [Scott LaFaro]; ‘Follow Your Heart’ [John McLaughlin]; ‘Heck of a Job’ [John Scofield]; ‘Goodbye Porkpie Hat’ [Charlie Mingus]; ‘Greensleeves’ [someone from the 16th C]; ‘Now Please Don’t You Cry Beautiful Edith’ [Roland Kirk]; ‘It’s Not What It Is’ [Steve Garrett]; ‘Spartacus’ [Alex North arr Bill Evans]; ‘ Dido’s Lament’ [Henry Purcell arr Steve Garrett]; ‘Maggie West’s’ [Mairearad Green]; ‘Mr CC’ [Steve Garrett ref Clive Carroll]; ‘Braw Day’ [Steve Garrett]; ‘In Arden’ [Steve Garrett].

Steve and Pete played with us several months ago and it seems that in that short time there has been a maturing if not mellowing intimacy in their music. The acoustic guitar/double bass combo worked well in our music space creating a real connection with the audience. What is special about these two musicians  is the lyricism of  their playing, Pete’s bass has a vocal quality to it, almost like Paul Robeson and the tonal quaity of Steve’s acoustic seems just right for these compositions. It’s reminicent of that legendary celtic guitarist  Tony McManus. What also adds to their performance is a great narrative spun around much of the music they played; explaining John Schofield’s ‘Heck of Job’ named after the unforgettable visit of President Bush  to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and praising Michael Brown [ head of the Federal Emergency organisation]. Brown promptly retired afterwards. Wonderful stuff gentlemen, look forward to your return.








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