A great evening of vibrant up beat jazz from the Black Isle Jazz Band that is Pat Strachan – [Trombone], Roy Stevenson [Sax and Clarinet],Derek Mathieson –[Guitar and Banjo],Dave Swan Bass Guitar] and Andy Davidson [Drums]

The band played a range of jazz standards with occasional vocal input from the gravelly Pat Strachan. The set kicked off  with ‘Bernie’s tune’ Gerry Mulligan followed by ‘Moon River’- Henry Mancini; ‘Blue monk’ Thelonious Monk; ‘Love for sale’ Cole Porter with a great double act of trombone and sax; Pat’s ‘Own composition’ …’Bflat.. I told you in instructions Dave!’  the classic bossa nova ‘Girl from Ipanema’ Antonio Jobim; Roy sublimely playing another own composition ‘In what Roy’ ! ‘My romance’ Richard Rodgers; ‘s’wonderful’ George  Gershwin ; ‘Angel eyes’ Matt Dennis, Roy’s solo was a superb interpretation; ‘Limehouse Blues’ Benny Goodman; ‘Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans’ Eddie de Lange and  ‘Autumn leaves’ Joseph Kosma.

A memorable evening with great playing by the Band. Roy’s sax and clarinet playing is always a joy to listen to. Many thanks Roy, much appreciated  by MJC. Pat, the stalwart trombonist’s playing is lyrical, as is his admonishing of band players who have a dig at him [not mentioning any names Dave]. Derek’s guitar playing has both precision and spontaneity; great to watch. Dave, humorous, naughty but richly toned bass playing from this ‘man at the back’. Andy, thanks for holding it together in the rhythm section, and for keeping out of trouble when the banter got heated!

Hope to see you soon Gents.



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